Tomorrows ~ a poem about HOPE, by Christina Ward


This poem is about hope. About reaching into tomorrow and becoming whatever you want to be. It is about connecting with the world around you and truly feeling inspired and blessed by it. What will your tomorrows bring? Will you embrace it? Here is my newest poem:



Here it is.
A new year rising,
a great orange ball
of fire in the sky,
wearing my name
like a smile.

The door behind me
closes so easily,
the dust slipping away,
falling away like ash.
Grays can be
so deceiving.

This year I will dig
through colors and words
and paint them out
with a new fury.
Unbound and imperfect
I form and take flight.

Possibilities hang,
towels in the wind, clean,
smelling like summer,
tomorrow peeking through them
smiling at me.
Hope is fresh in the trees.

I am a fiddlehead
Can you see me?
The winds that drive me
are ever-changing.

I am feathers and fury,
green and growing,
Cirrus and stratus
stretching my arms in the sky.
I release and release
and unfold.





Comments and likes always appreciated. Have a great day everyone! (Note here, if you enjoy my poetry please do share it with others that may enjoy it. My group of readers is slowly growing and I would love to have more readers who can appreciate my work. Thank you so much.)


Christina ~

6 thoughts on “Tomorrows ~ a poem about HOPE, by Christina Ward

  1. You’re good at symbolic things. I kind of didn’t understand your cleaning poem, so I feel like you posted an easier one so we could understand! Thank you!


  2. Yes, The Poet Cleaning is quite a difficult one with many layers. This one is a little more surface-oriented with lots of pleasant images that I hope makes the reader feel hopeful and positive about what tomorrow has in store for them. Thank you for reading.


  3. Oooh. I so enjoyed this, Christina. I can feel the exuberance and freedom in the words. I have a lot of favorite parts, but this one hit me first:
    “This year I will dig
    through colors and words
    and paint them out
    with a new fury.”
    Love that! Well done. ❤


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