Misunderstood (i have been a flower in a tree)

a free verse poem Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay https://soundcloud.com/christina-ward-222068276/misunderstood-i-have-been-a-flower-in-a-tree i have been a flower in a tree.i have been so high up, no one could seethe immeasurable me, the impetuous me the always, always superfluous me this is what happenswhen a tree has its leaves on upside down, when the roots don’t growunderground and the … Continue reading Misunderstood (i have been a flower in a tree)

Wrangling the Snakes

NO Mr. Snake--you cannot eat my silkie babies! Robbie--who really wishes to be called batman--holding the successfully captured reptile. TRIGGER WARNING — snake pictures below. So this morning was exciting! I love wrangling the snakes away from our chicken pens. (Although I don’t like them being there.) This is our first snake this season which is pretty … Continue reading Wrangling the Snakes

At Home Amongst These

a poem https://www.pexels.com/photo/nature-grass-mushrooms-amanita-33695/ The squishy-cool green beneath my feetmeandering before me, a path between trees.The bright arms of the sun reaching down,fingers of light, bringing growth to the ground. I can no longer get lost this way. I have come again. I wander againthrough the moss-strewn aislein gripping fear and anxiety-laden… I know they’ll be lost if I … Continue reading At Home Amongst These


a poem https://www.rawpixel.com/image/426941/grizzly-bear-roaming-through-yellowstone-national-park-united-states I had a vision.A pole; horizontal, unmoving.Suspended from it — carrionin varying stages of decomposition; One, freshly hungdrips its life blood freedrip…drip…drip… Another, rottingbegun, its surface writheswith maggots and flies. The third is rot-wornblack, a carcass shellor its former self. The three hanging there just out of reach, as are mostthings when you are hungry. A bear, standing … Continue reading Hunger

Ladybug Journeys

a poem of a quiet afternoon https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-ladybug-on-leaf-during-daytime-121472/ A ladybug journeys up Hawkweed stem searching for another Dark-spotted red bug with which to fly high the ladybug labors on… A squirrel scampers through leaf litter and soil searching for another Nut she had buried  some time ago Spring the squirrel labors on… Chickadee and titmouse nuthatch and goldfinch searching for another Black sunflower seed or millet or … Continue reading Ladybug Journeys

The Waters Run Clean Through Me

a poem about the North Carolina Mountains https://www.pexels.com/photo/bench-cascade-creek-environment-355321/ Deep in the North Carolina wood nestled between steep mountainous  rises, a gorge, through which run waters, crisp and cool and clean. A bench waits there for my soul. The waters run clear, cross rock and moss, with dribbling sounds and meandering thoughts of the distant seas. The canopy hangs over.  Shady oasis of … Continue reading The Waters Run Clean Through Me

Nectar Dreams

a poem about the tiny creatures we often miss Honey Bee (Unsplash.com) Nectar Dreams Walking sticks, June bugs,Bumble bee, Wooly Bearsall came out to playand when the streetlights at last were litthe fireflies lit the way.The June bugs, in droves,in whispering swarmsslapped against our chestsemerald green-backed and shining,the airborne jewels in summer vests. Where have all … Continue reading Nectar Dreams

On Dappling Pond

a poem about the beautiful Mandarin duck and the not-so-beautiful Muscovy duck Mandarin duck, Pexels.com On Dappling Pond White, crisp half-moon,   the blue crested melt   to ruddy hind swoop. Tawny wings tucked under,   belted by royal blue. Sleek chest, brazen   blue as ocean-deep. Neck ringed in   maple majesty lace.      … Continue reading On Dappling Pond

The Calf Song — a poem

The Calf Song From the backside of a smileI rise, discontented. Inside my eyelids a dream sleepsbetween measureskeeping the beat,each a credulous mark upon my heart song. The calf lies waiting,wobbly legs unableto bear its load upon its hoof and foot. It stands, behind my eyesrising in ignorant content. It cannot sing my songor read … Continue reading The Calf Song — a poem