The “Country Living” Things No One Talks About

some of them are a bit...well, GROSS Image by Michael Drummond from Pixabay Note: I chose this picture because a cow exactly this one was recently found roaming the streets in my community. A farmer took it in but had to keep it secluded from his other cows because it was “creating a ruckus.” No … Continue reading The “Country Living” Things No One Talks About

On the Outskirts of the Blue Ridge

a poem about an afternoon drive through the beautiful foothills of the N.C. mountains Image by Christian B. from Pixabay Hilltop mobile homes parked in rows with weary cars and tufts of unruly grass. They are weathered, as am I. Collections of scrap-metal, small gardens boasting late tomatoes, plump red flashes on the vine. Corn … Continue reading On the Outskirts of the Blue Ridge

Tea and Memories

a free verse poem Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Hot tea, infused with sugarwhite, granular, swallowed-up.Powdered creamer swirls, slips inside, a marriageof “Good Morning” and “Wake up”to me, sleepy on the couch.Pungent warmth to tongue, to throat,to the insides…a dissipationto soothe the memoriesaway. Some days they come.A survivor, me? The multi-syllabic mess of me?You have so much to offer, she said, with a genuine smile.She was … Continue reading Tea and Memories

Abysmal You

Free Verse poetry Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay I dream of things unspoken.You shake me to the surfacesleepy-eyed, confused. You might still be real. There might still be one momentthat is mine. My nakedness aches.I don’t wantthe graythe shadowthe memory to absorb you. Eyes wide and blind, I am a child,abandoned, untethered. Original publishing: Abysmal You My … Continue reading Abysmal You

Circles and Stones

a free verse poem Photo by Halanna Halila on Unsplash You cast stoneslift your curses high,chanting carried away,to hide and wait for you…its return three-fold?I think no goddess hears you.It is a barren place,your circle. It is my pleasure,to wipe your sweet nectar fromproboscis and pen,parts of your souldigging into mine. (I use it!)I abuse it, this loving … Continue reading Circles and Stones

Experience “Gaerver Pond” an original, Free Verse Poem

poem by Christina Ward Image by Kerttu Northman from Pixabay Gaerver Pond Evening descends, darkness crawling intothe spaces of my yard,Leaves spin then settle into shadow.Fall brings herself in quietly this year. Gaerver Pond is still,save the concentric circledisruptions of insect and air. Beneath a green veilmayfly nymphs squirm and crawl.They will be devoured, in time. I await … Continue reading Experience “Gaerver Pond” an original, Free Verse Poem

My Son’s Stepmother Passed, and I am a Weepy Mess

One would think this wouldn't affect me so, but it is complicated how our hearts handle death. My son is in his upper twenties now, but I look back on his childhood days with a grateful, yet sometimes guilty heart. There were tough days sprinkled in with the rambunctious adventures of my firstborn. His … Continue reading My Son’s Stepmother Passed, and I am a Weepy Mess