Introducing Poet Nikki H. Rose in a Personal Interview on Her Poetry

Through the Eyes of a Poet series, #1 Nikki H Rose has come a long way from writing about a Marshmallow Queen in kindergarten, the first of her writings she remembers making her proud.  Today she’s a well-educated English teacher with a knack for writing emotional and personal poetry.  Setting the scenery for a poet … Continue reading Introducing Poet Nikki H. Rose in a Personal Interview on Her Poetry

Podcast Interview on Poetry–and Me!

I think you'll really enjoy this conversation on poetry and inspiration Author's photo I am sure you have all heard the buzz. I have a new poetry book out called ::organic:: The reception has been humbling. Here are a few reviews that I have received so far: In addition to a wonderful reception for the … Continue reading Podcast Interview on Poetry–and Me!

Epiphany– a free verse poem on the creative process

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Epiphany I can attach my entire existenceto the golden bleed of sunthrough the whisp-staccato edges of a cloud Such moments steal my breath. I can spiral into cornersand come out of them painting with words. I can feel the energyflowing from life breathing lifeparalleling, combining, releasing. Epiphany moments, what … Continue reading Epiphany– a free verse poem on the creative process

Medium UPDATE–Here’s what you may have missed

Fiddleheads & Floss Newsletter Hi to all my WordPress followers!! This week on my Medium account I did ALL of my links with the "Friend Links" which means that YOU--even if you are NOT a Medium member, can enjoy this content. I thought I'd share the newsletter with you! Read below to see what you … Continue reading Medium UPDATE–Here’s what you may have missed

Excavating a Poem

a free verse poem celebrating the process Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay Excavating a Poem Some, a breath exhaled slowly into life-giving words. Some, an excavation with bristles firm, then soft and careful. Some, roots gnarled and half-buried we trip over them and follow them to trees. Some, grains of sand to be gathered … Continue reading Excavating a Poem

Abysmal You

Free Verse poetry Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay I dream of things unspoken.You shake me to the surfacesleepy-eyed, confused. You might still be real. There might still be one momentthat is mine. My nakedness aches.I don’t wantthe graythe shadowthe memory to absorb you. Eyes wide and blind, I am a child,abandoned, untethered. Original publishing: Abysmal You My … Continue reading Abysmal You

A Pier No More

an original poem by Christina Ward Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay We were an old pier, standing in the sea,pilings caked with barnacles, ravaged by the currents,our foundation weak. We waited for the tides to displace us,unplug us from our feeble grip on shifting sands…for the sea to bring us to our knees. The sandy currents burn with salt lifenibbling … Continue reading A Pier No More

The Poetry Paintbrush Can Write Your Life

it began for me with Sylvia Plath’s Edge Pixabay, No attribution required I am thinking of my favorite paintbrush — poetry 🖌 My first experience with loving the poetic word was in a high school literature class when my teacher assigned us to choose a poem and deliver a short speech about it to our class. The poem I … Continue reading The Poetry Paintbrush Can Write Your Life

Learn to Write Better Poetry

a lesson Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay  If there’s anything I’ve learned about writing poetry, it’s that you’re never done learning how to do it. Anytime I find a new angle, a new inspiration, or technique, it feels like my first day as a poet all over again. I pick up my imaginary feather quill, dip it … Continue reading Learn to Write Better Poetry

Swallow Me Whole

a poem of Contemplation Image from Pixabay Beneath this earthso many souls. In this groundright where I stand,my bare-heeled ache on the grit;do they linger here? Do their solemn hazes pass me by as my breath drifts meone day to the next?Am I aware ofthat chill, that pressure in the airshifting, disturbing,a moaning whisper to myhuman ears?Does it shift me? I … Continue reading Swallow Me Whole