Easter Freebie!

Well, a lot has happened since I’ve last updated. I made a week and a half trip to my home state NC and visited with family and friends. A blessed trip to say the least, but I’m happy to be home again, comfy in my surroundings, and getting the wheels of creativity turning.

Current BAP: The Eagle project I am working on is dusted off and I’m plodding along with ferver. I want to get started on a new BAP and I can’t do that easily with this one parked in my large Q-snap now can I? Here’s the latest pic:


Vine Color block update: I’ve begun stitching on my FIRST cross stitch design. It is a unique and pleasant feeling to stitch your own design. This design is currently for sale at my Etsy page and I need a picture for the ad. Here is my progress so far,Sorry for the poor quality picture from my tablet. While a tablet is a fantastic addition to my stitchy time, taking pictures is certainly NOT her best feature. I’ll get a better final pic, outside, in the lovely light of the sun! I wish you could see how well the colors mesh and that the fabric is a lovely rich, dark peach color.


The FINAL of my birth announcement project is finished as well. The name turned out great and was a CHALLENGE. I incorporated my mother’s handwriting sample into the design to use for the writing:


Ok those are the quick updates…which brings me to EASTER. I’ve designed something to stitch for a bookmark and Bible cover for my small Bible. I measured out the fabric for the Bible cover, figured about how many stitches I’d have room for in a panel on the front, and came up with my own design. It’s not really the light, floral thing I had in mind but I think it’s a cute for Easter. So, in the spirit of giving, as Christ has taught, I am giving it to YOU. Happy Easter everyone. Here’s the link for the freebie design. Don’t forget to save the pdf file to your computer!

Easter Cross pic

Easter Cross

Now, I’ve while I’ve decided to leave the design in it’s SPRING colors, I wanted a darker, more olive look for my Bible cover to match the fabric I’ve chosen, so here are the colors I’m using:



So, what have YOU been up to in your stitchy life? How do you balance your stitching with the need for sunshine, exercise? What’s been on your mind? Comments are welcome and I hope you’ll share a thought or two. Thank you for reading and again, happy Easter!


Stitching George Washington Crossing the Delaware

See the source imageWe, a LARGE group of dedicated stitchers, will be stitching George Washington Crossing the Delaware. Collectively it will take us FIVE YEARS!


I am honored to be a part of this!! Hoping for family and friends support and many blessings on this journey! I am sure it will be challenging, to say the least, but I am ready.

Nature Is Breathtaking! Poetry to Celebrate Horizons


There is something unquestionably strange
about the horizon,
always changing colors,
shifting it’s edges.
Someone is always
On the other side
Pulling it away.

If I am lucky the lily pads will
Welcome my soft steps,
The waters will yield to my weight,
The flowers will float aside
And I will grab your fingers
Before you vanish into the onward
Bending of night.

I wonder of a ball of fire…
An orb so great
No darkness could consume it,
Yet your belly swallows it whole every eve.

I am told I am a sun sign.
Would you welcome me as well?

~Christina Ward


~Change needed, please.

**Strong themes, not for younger readers…



I hear ya. So much of this world is violent, angry, selfish…when people ALL hurt the same, over the same worries, the same struggles…lies hurt all of us. Betrayal…it bends our hearts backwards every time. We all get so tied up in our own suffering so much  that we forget how miraculously we landed exactly where we are.

I could have been born in war-torn Georgia, caught between peoples with similar faces who fight to eliminate each other… Russia standing by selling commodities and enjoying its power.

Instead I was born white. I had two parents. I always had a bed to sleep in.

I could have been born in the Congo. I could have set out on foot to get firewood (in place of my husband going…I knew the men waited for him in the woods to kill him)…I could have been gang raped and sewn shut like so many women in a place where cruelty is more abundant than food.

I am fortunate. I have.

And today, I remember to be grateful.




****author’s note: This was a stream of consciousness piece that I wrote years ago, but still find relevance in it’s message. I hope it evokes in you some hope for BETTER for the community around you, wherever you are.

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