The “Country Living” Things No One Talks About

some of them are a bit...well, GROSS Image by Michael Drummond from Pixabay Note: I chose this picture because a cow exactly this one was recently found roaming the streets in my community. A farmer took it in but had to keep it secluded from his other cows because it was “creating a ruckus.” No … Continue reading The “Country Living” Things No One Talks About

On the Outskirts of the Blue Ridge

a poem about an afternoon drive through the beautiful foothills of the N.C. mountains Image by Christian B. from Pixabay Hilltop mobile homes parked in rows with weary cars and tufts of unruly grass. They are weathered, as am I. Collections of scrap-metal, small gardens boasting late tomatoes, plump red flashes on the vine. Corn … Continue reading On the Outskirts of the Blue Ridge

Circles and Stones

a free verse poem Photo by Halanna Halila on Unsplash You cast stoneslift your curses high,chanting carried away,to hide and wait for you…its return three-fold?I think no goddess hears you.It is a barren place,your circle. It is my pleasure,to wipe your sweet nectar fromproboscis and pen,parts of your souldigging into mine. (I use it!)I abuse it, this loving … Continue reading Circles and Stones

Humility in the Ugliest Car Ever!

exploring the world in "style" I went to see my Mom for Mother’s Day today and took my cross stitching with me. It was nice to sit and reminisce while I worked. We talked about the olive-green monstrosity that our family lovingly dubbed the “Mount’in Car.” Now I can’t tell you exactly what kind of … Continue reading Humility in the Ugliest Car Ever!

The Mourn

a poem about the emotional trauma of hysterectomy in time, eggs drop as they maya crimson furnace burnswaits for themthen rejects even the idea of babies babies that refuse to be boundand tear their way outleaving you to your stitchesthese eggs, they stay now…where are they to go?a furnace burnt outremoved scoop by scoopfleshy … Continue reading The Mourn

#Kindness–We Need More of it Now!

Empathy on the decline in America Declared this day, April 26, 2019 a federally threatened concept: Kindness. My father likes to spoil cashiers. It’s nothing creepy or stalky or flirty. He simply picks up a candy bar when he’s waiting in line, pays for it with his groceries, then hands it to the cashier … Continue reading #Kindness–We Need More of it Now!

Yikes Y’all, The Spring Hell is HERE

Bring on the Ailments, the sunshine, the mouse, and the broken clock! Just to be clear, I am not a hundred percent sure what day it is, and that is just being completely honest. I know that my boyfriend took me to the emergency room and that we were there for an extended period … Continue reading Yikes Y’all, The Spring Hell is HERE

7 Things to ADD to Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List Now!!

It’s “Spring Cleaning” time! We make our lists, gather our buckets and micro-fiber cloths, our Swiffers and our brand-new mops, and we go at it. Washboards, windows, that crusty stuff on the stove hood, that icky black corner behind the toilet, the hair pulled from the drains. We go at it with ferocity and yank … Continue reading 7 Things to ADD to Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List Now!!

Starting a New Medication – A Lyrica Warning!

Before starting any new medication, you need to read this. After the first pills, the pain vanished. My hands, my arms, my back. I felt magnificent. I recall sitting on the bed and watching the muscles leaping and twitching in my arm. The involuntary movements were entertaining, at first. My fingers twitched and leaped. My … Continue reading Starting a New Medication – A Lyrica Warning!