In Search of Faeries

In Search of Faeries

Merry Mill rises higher on the hill,
disappears behind a curtain of green.
Woody arms and fingers interlace
curling pointy welcomes,
drawing us in.

Terabithia awaits.
Fireflies light the way down the
fern-kissed path where
tagless, costless dreams
hang on secret trees. The fruits
wrinkle your tongue if
you eat them before the
faeries come.

I know they are hiding
beneath the mushrooms,
tall and wide, lush
sacred umbrellas.
This time we will see them.

Come with me.

Poetry by Christina Ward

11 thoughts on “In Search of Faeries

  1. I think this is one of my favorite poems that I have ever read! You’ve given me the inspiration that maybe I could become an Author someday!

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  2. Thank you Walt. This poem was written about a Girl Scout camping experience where the counselors told us about the faeries that lived in the ferns…and I TOTALLY believed if I looked hard enough I’d see them. Perhaps, I still do.
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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