A Difficult Tell-All

This could kill you--words you don't want to hear from your doctor. Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash There are no rules in writing. And there are no closets to hide in when it comes to “over-sharing.” Where do you draw the line? For me, I draw the line at exposing my family members’ and friends’ stories … Continue reading A Difficult Tell-All

Yikes Y’all, The Spring Hell is HERE

Bring on the Ailments, the sunshine, the mouse, and the broken clock! https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-and-white-bear-plush-toy-42230/ Just to be clear, I am not a hundred percent sure what day it is, and that is just being completely honest. I know that my boyfriend took me to the emergency room and that we were there for an extended period … Continue reading Yikes Y’all, The Spring Hell is HERE

Starting a New Medication – A Lyrica Warning!

Before starting any new medication, you need to read this. After the first pills, the pain vanished. My hands, my arms, my back. I felt magnificent. I recall sitting on the bed and watching the muscles leaping and twitching in my arm. The involuntary movements were entertaining, at first. My fingers twitched and leaped. My … Continue reading Starting a New Medication – A Lyrica Warning!