Selling Your Writing for Pennies

Starting somewhere hurts the heart a little bit Let's face it; Writers do NOT get paid their worth. In light of my current health situation, I have not been working for the past few years. I rely on peddling craft items occasionally, and mostly on selling myself as a writer...for pennies.But we have to … Continue reading Selling Your Writing for Pennies

I am Writing a Book!

And it is kicking my butt Writing a Book Takes A Lot Out of You! Some of you all know, who are loyal followers of my blog, that I have been very busy writing a book. The idea formed when I was fresh out of college in 2007 and has not left my mind … Continue reading I am Writing a Book!

Writing a Book IS WORK

It's not for the faint of heart or the weak of resolve My father always told me: To be a success you either need to do something no one else wants to do, or do something everyone else wants to do and do it better than everyone else. --My Dad Yikes. Take one look … Continue reading Writing a Book IS WORK