• Memorial Day 2020–Our fallen Soldiers Honored in Verse

    a free verse poem to honor our soldiers on Memorial Day For the Honor of Soldiers Our tears find restin a sea ofwhite crosses. We cannot raiseour thanksnor theirloss — enough to honor them.Enough to removethat dead look in theeyes of their spouses,their parents, their children. We gave them a flagas they buried you. 21-gunsalute… Continue reading

  • Gathering Them — A Free Verse Poem on Leaps of Faith

    Preparing a poetry collection. Gathering Them I am gathering them,snapshots on a line,puzzle pieces,building blocks,roots. Together. Individually, yes, strength.Each a painting, a break in the timeline of my life,a check mark. But, together… Together they say something bigger.Together they are a timeline. Snapshots become an art gallery,puzzle pieces, when placed,begin to lose their lines of… Continue reading

  • 12 Poetry Quotes that Teach us Self Love

    you are worth it “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds or bends with the remover to remove — it is an ever-fixed mark.” — from some Shakespearean sonnet I had to memorize in high school. This poem still plays in my head fairly often and its meaning has deepened for me… Continue reading

  • Late Night Storm in July

    a free verse poem It feels like a deep rumble in the belly of the earth.Roaring through the skies like it came right out of the ground, a fat belch set free to shake the darknessin the skies. The churning light, pulsing within itsthundercloud womb, burning to strike trees from root — the shift and boil and release. That rumbling… Continue reading

  • Abysmal You

    Free Verse poetry I dream of things unspoken.You shake me to the surfacesleepy-eyed, confused. You might still be real. There might still be one momentthat is mine. My nakedness aches.I don’t wantthe graythe shadowthe memory to absorb you. Eyes wide and blind, I am a child,abandoned, untethered. Original publishing: Abysmal You My name is Christina.… Continue reading

  • Experience “Gaerver Pond” an original, Free Verse Poem

    poem by Christina Ward Gaerver Pond Evening descends, darkness crawling intothe spaces of my yard,Leaves spin then settle into shadow.Fall brings herself in quietly this year. Gaerver Pond is still,save the concentric circledisruptions of insect and air. Beneath a green veilmayfly nymphs squirm and crawl.They will be devoured, in time. I await the same fate.… Continue reading

  • Wrangling the Snakes

    NO Mr. Snake–you cannot eat my silkie babies! TRIGGER WARNING — snake pictures below. So this morning was exciting! I love wrangling the snakes away from our chicken pens. (Although I don’t like them being there.) This is our first snake this season which is pretty unusual. I thought I’d share the story, the video, and the… Continue reading

  • The Cat is a Thief

    and other ramblings This morning I awoke to the terrible pain I’ve been dealing with the last few weeks and decided there just weren’t enough “soft” foods in the house. (If you need to catch up on “why the pain?” you can do that here.) At the store, my jaw clenched and dogged determination to get sustenance, I… Continue reading

  • A Stunning Prose piece, Recurring Dreams Of a Happy Child

    Of Water and other Dreamy Things I  had the BIGGEST IMAGINATION when I was a child. One recurring dream I had was that our house was full of water and I could swim all around in it like a big aquarium. Now, I am sure there are all kinds of interpretations of this, but for… Continue reading

  • “Yesterdays” is Featured in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine

    Celebrate with me!!! “Yesterdays” is featured in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine Happy Dancing y’all. If anyone wants to share the post featuring my poetry, I’d be delighted. It’s a great day to be a writer. ~Christina Continue reading

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Christina M. Ward is an author and freelance writer from the beautiful state of NC where she resides with her two furbabies. She’s edited over 50 poetry collections from around the world, published three of her own, and is working on her second novel. Purchase Christina’s Books Here: AMAZON

Through Christina’s poetry editorial work she quickly gained support for her talents, propelling her into a full-time career in professional writing services for companies around the world. Christina formed Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services in 2019. In just a few short years, through FFWS, Christina has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality content for health, wellness, clean beauty, and international CBD brands.

Today, Christina works with companies all over the world to provide voice-driven copy for their websites and blogs.

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