Memorial Day 2020–Our fallen Soldiers Honored in Verse

a free verse poem to honor our soldiers on Memorial Day

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

For the Honor of Soldiers

Our tears find rest
in a sea of
white crosses.

We cannot raise
our thanks
nor their
loss — enough

to honor them.
Enough to remove
that dead look in the
eyes of their spouses,
their parents, their children.

We gave them a flag
as they buried you. 21-gun
salute shook their hearts,
trauma-bound, grieving.

Memorial Day celebrations,
since the 1860’s.
We give our moments
of silence. Sometimes
from our boats with a beer
in one hand and a hot dog
in the other — how
we are.

We lower our flags
half-mast and full respect
to honor their loss,
their sacrifice
for the country
we so take
for granted.

Let us, today honor
those who find rest
in a sea

of white crosses

Thank you, soldiers
for your service, for the life
you gave
for me.

Memorial Day~ 2020

Christina M. Ward
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Author: Christina M. Ward

Poet, author of "organic"

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