Visiting Worthville Beach, Randleman NC

A beautiful eyesore of a place worth visiting (bring a trash bag)  Worthville Beach Dam with piles of clothing, debris, and remnants of a campfire.—photo by author. I am happy to visit any place with the word “beach” attached to it. But don’t get too excited about “Worthville Beach” popping up on your “places to … Continue reading Visiting Worthville Beach, Randleman NC

On the Outskirts of the Blue Ridge

a poem about an afternoon drive through the beautiful foothills of the N.C. mountains Image by Christian B. from Pixabay Hilltop mobile homes parked in rows with weary cars and tufts of unruly grass. They are weathered, as am I. Collections of scrap-metal, small gardens boasting late tomatoes, plump red flashes on the vine. Corn … Continue reading On the Outskirts of the Blue Ridge