Update on My Emergency Surgery

and how you can help Pixabay Emergency Surgery Needed ANY FURTHER DONATIONS NEED TO GO THROUGH PAYPAL TO ENSURE FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE BY THE SURGERY DATE. PAYPAL EMAIL IS FIDDLEHEADSNFLOSS@GMAIL.COM The Video The Story Sometimes life pulls the rug right out from under you. My family is experiencing one of those moments and instead of … Continue reading Update on My Emergency Surgery

A Difficult Tell-All

This could kill you--words you don't want to hear from your doctor. Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash There are no rules in writing. And there are no closets to hide in when it comes to “over-sharing.” Where do you draw the line? For me, I draw the line at exposing my family members’ and friends’ stories … Continue reading A Difficult Tell-All

Sorrow, A Poem of Mystery that will leave you wanting more…

Sorrow Skipping stone bouncing across your surfaceA tearing pain no one can seeYou scream out toward the distanceStretching out from between your knees Why can’t anyone hear the baby crying?Standing red-faced, hands over railKnuckles gone white from grippingOne long, steep unending wail She wasn’t there the night beforeOut tramping through the woods aloneShe can’t hear … Continue reading Sorrow, A Poem of Mystery that will leave you wanting more…

Broken, A Poem for The Broken-Hearted

Oh, we have all been there. That place where brokenness, a roadblock, lies firmly between us and the we that we know we will eventually be, if it weren't for the mess that we are. We stare into the mirror, not recognizing the tear-streaked skin, the dark circles under our eyes, the fact that breathing … Continue reading Broken, A Poem for The Broken-Hearted