Abysmal You

Free Verse poetry Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay I dream of things unspoken.You shake me to the surfacesleepy-eyed, confused. You might still be real. There might still be one momentthat is mine. My nakedness aches.I don’t wantthe graythe shadowthe memory to absorb you. Eyes wide and blind, I am a child,abandoned, untethered. Original publishing: Abysmal You My … Continue reading Abysmal You

Experience “Gaerver Pond” an original, Free Verse Poem

poem by Christina Ward Image by Kerttu Northman from Pixabay Gaerver Pond Evening descends, darkness crawling intothe spaces of my yard,Leaves spin then settle into shadow.Fall brings herself in quietly this year. Gaerver Pond is still,save the concentric circledisruptions of insect and air. Beneath a green veilmayfly nymphs squirm and crawl.They will be devoured, in time. I await … Continue reading Experience “Gaerver Pond” an original, Free Verse Poem

A Pier No More

an original poem by Christina Ward Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay We were an old pier, standing in the sea,pilings caked with barnacles, ravaged by the currents,our foundation weak. We waited for the tides to displace us,unplug us from our feeble grip on shifting sands…for the sea to bring us to our knees. The sandy currents burn with salt lifenibbling … Continue reading A Pier No More

Humility in the Ugliest Car Ever!

exploring the world in "style" I went to see my Mom for Mother’s Day today and took my cross stitching with me. It was nice to sit and reminisce while I worked. We talked about the olive-green monstrosity that our family lovingly dubbed the “Mount’in Car.” Now I can’t tell you exactly what kind of … Continue reading Humility in the Ugliest Car Ever!

A Yellow House in Iredell County

A poem — to immortalize a love worth telling and a house that carries their memories in its heart Mamaw and Pop pictured there in the center. Their love, the family, and the home they built together are the inspiration behind this poem. Nestled… in the dappled Spring sunlight peeking through oaks, maples, and Tulip poplar is a country house … Continue reading A Yellow House in Iredell County

The Choice to Love: A Step-Mother and Daughter’s Journey

Sharing my "Mother's" Day Journey with my daughter My daughter Abigail and I, on a regular “day in the life of” — those are the best days. When I first met my daughter she had just turned five; a raging ball of emotion and wildness that overwhelmed and captured everyone in her midst. She didn’t just live her … Continue reading The Choice to Love: A Step-Mother and Daughter’s Journey

Cottonwood Wings

a poem for my son to read at the funeral https://www.pexels.com/photo/trees-in-park-257360/ You might want to read this first In the Spring, God brings forth life Cottonwood drifts by on the wind. We water our gardens with tears for we have lost a dear friend. Her kindness grew like tulipsProud and colorful and tallHer compassion, a … Continue reading Cottonwood Wings