• A Yellow House in Iredell County

    A poem — to immortalize a love worth telling and a house that carries their memories in its heart Nestled… in the dappled Spring sunlight peeking through oaks, maples, and Tulip poplar is a country house with pale-yellow siding.Across a corner of the weathered wooden-slatted front porch, a vine lazily stretches to find a spot in the sun. Inside, the navy-blue carpet… Continue reading

  • Cottonwood Wings

    a poem for my son to read at the funeral You might want to read this first In the Spring, God brings forth life Cottonwood drifts by on the wind. We water our gardens with tears for we have lost a dear friend. Her kindness grew like tulipsProud and colorful and tallHer compassion, a vine… Continue reading

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Christina M. Ward is an author and freelance writer from the beautiful state of NC where she resides with her two furbabies. She’s edited over 50 poetry collections from around the world, published three of her own, and is working on her second novel. Christina is the sole owner and operator of Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services through which she does freelance SEO content writing and editing.

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