Launching Poet Interviews Today

Some very personal glimpses into the lives and hearts of these unique writers

Good morning friends,

This morning I am getting started a bit early after wrestling with a very complicated jigsaw puzzle all night. I worked the puzzle app, Just Jigsaws, for hours yesterday, and though it relieved the mental unrest I was feeling, my brain somehow kept turning the puzzle pieces while I slept.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Quite frankly, working while you sleep is exhausting and a clear message that perhaps it is time to shake things up and do something different.

Lately, I find myself getting up every morning asking “What is your productivity goal for today?” And at night “What did you accomplish today? What things of value did you do today?”

I know that I am not the only person right now after this 2020 kicked off, that is feeling a bit underwhelmed in their life. Feeling a bit too complacent. My solution to feeling this way is, of course to narrow and define my plans for the year, but also to commit myself to sharing kindness with others, lifting them up, getting to know them, and sharing something positive in this world.

Because this writer thing is tough. It really is.

Writing is about symbiosis.

Developing relationships between writers / readers, writers / other writers, our work / the world, our work / professionals (magazines, editors etc.). It is all about the relationships and how we keep them all going.

I want to focus a bit more on the writer / writer relationships with these interviews and by helping the world to “see” another poet, I therefore lift myself in the process. Symbiosis. Mutually beneficial. Win-win.

All I ask from you—is to notice them, these poets. Poets are unique gifts in this world and they see the world very differently. Taking a glimpse at this world through their eyes will likely enrich your life and possibly make you a fan.

Most of us will never be famous. We will likely never be paid enough for our work for it to be lucrative. But we work at it, we fight for it, and we love it…let this inspire your life.

Thank you, my friend for being on this journey with me. I am always open to answering your questions about this Poet’s Life I am living.

Poetically Yours,

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