the skin i am in

a free-verse poem, “Human Prompt” Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay The following poem entitled "the skin i am in" was written in response to Medium's Human Parts weekend prompt and is published here: the skin i am in watery wombmy cells gatherwrapped in the skini’d be born inwrinkled, noisyerupting into air concrete burningtiny feet runningjune bugs dartingin … Continue reading the skin i am in

Tea and Memories

a free verse poem Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Hot tea, infused with sugarwhite, granular, swallowed-up.Powdered creamer swirls, slips inside, a marriageof “Good Morning” and “Wake up”to me, sleepy on the couch.Pungent warmth to tongue, to throat,to the insides…a dissipationto soothe the memoriesaway. Some days they come.A survivor, me? The multi-syllabic mess of me?You have so much to offer, she said, with a genuine smile.She was … Continue reading Tea and Memories

Circles and Stones

a free verse poem Photo by Halanna Halila on Unsplash You cast stoneslift your curses high,chanting carried away,to hide and wait for you…its return three-fold?I think no goddess hears you.It is a barren place,your circle. It is my pleasure,to wipe your sweet nectar fromproboscis and pen,parts of your souldigging into mine. (I use it!)I abuse it, this loving … Continue reading Circles and Stones

The Poetry Paintbrush Can Write Your Life

it began for me with Sylvia Plath’s Edge Pixabay, No attribution required I am thinking of my favorite paintbrush — poetry 🖌 My first experience with loving the poetic word was in a high school literature class when my teacher assigned us to choose a poem and deliver a short speech about it to our class. The poem I … Continue reading The Poetry Paintbrush Can Write Your Life

Learn to Write Better Poetry

a lesson Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay  If there’s anything I’ve learned about writing poetry, it’s that you’re never done learning how to do it. Anytime I find a new angle, a new inspiration, or technique, it feels like my first day as a poet all over again. I pick up my imaginary feather quill, dip it … Continue reading Learn to Write Better Poetry

Swallow Me Whole

a poem of Contemplation Image from Pixabay Beneath this earthso many souls. In this groundright where I stand,my bare-heeled ache on the grit;do they linger here? Do their solemn hazes pass me by as my breath drifts meone day to the next?Am I aware ofthat chill, that pressure in the airshifting, disturbing,a moaning whisper to myhuman ears?Does it shift me? I … Continue reading Swallow Me Whole

At Home Amongst These

a poem The squishy-cool green beneath my feetmeandering before me, a path between trees.The bright arms of the sun reaching down,fingers of light, bringing growth to the ground. I can no longer get lost this way. I have come again. I wander againthrough the moss-strewn aislein gripping fear and anxiety-laden… I know they’ll be lost if I … Continue reading At Home Amongst These


a poem I had a vision.A pole; horizontal, unmoving.Suspended from it — carrionin varying stages of decomposition; One, freshly hungdrips its life blood freedrip…drip…drip… Another, rottingbegun, its surface writheswith maggots and flies. The third is rot-wornblack, a carcass shellor its former self. The three hanging there just out of reach, as are mostthings when you are hungry. A bear, standing … Continue reading Hunger

A Soul Set Free

a poem Lift up your face. You, there in the shadows, Head hanging in disgrace. There is no reason to sit full of fear, to shackle yourself to yesterday’s woes. There is no reason to feel rooted to guilt and shame no one knows. No reason to hold yourself back from all things wonderful … Continue reading A Soul Set Free

Ladybug Journeys

a poem of a quiet afternoon A ladybug journeys up Hawkweed stem searching for another Dark-spotted red bug with which to fly high the ladybug labors on… A squirrel scampers through leaf litter and soil searching for another Nut she had buried  some time ago Spring the squirrel labors on… Chickadee and titmouse nuthatch and goldfinch searching for another Black sunflower seed or millet or … Continue reading Ladybug Journeys