I am a writer, blogger, poet, and aspiring author. I am very fortunate to have the time and tools to finally dedicate myself to finalizing my novel, currently titled “Elephant Song,” a work of mainstream literary fiction. Expect deep character development, underlying nature themes, lyrical style, and a gripping storyline. Follow Fiddleheads & Floss Blog for updates on it’s release.

I studied creative writing at Catawba College. My poetry and prose were published in the Catawba College literary journal each year that I attended. I was awarded the Prose Award at Catawba College for a short piece entitled “Clarity.” I have been invited to do several readings for my academic community.

This blog’s purpose is to share poetry, writing tips and prompts, and other writing-related topics. I am also an avid cross-stitcher and am participating in the George Washington project with the United Stitchers of America, a Guinness Book project. There will be occasional updates on the progress of this 5 year project as well.

I appreciate you, reader. Thank you for being here on this journey with me. The book I am writing is for YOU.



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