I am SICK of Seeing Black People Killed for Jogging…or for BREATHING

This has GOT to stop

I have seen enough.

The officers responsible for the murder of George Floyd should be arrested and charged with the aggravated murder of an unarmed black man.

My heart is sick over this. I can’t process this. And it is not even MY pain. This pain is a burden the black community has been bearing for decades. Longer than decades.

Black people are incarcerated, harassed, killed in great numbers and we know this. We know this. Yet–here we are again. What if there were no video of the murder of George Floyd? When will we listen, and act, and stop this?

I did what I do when I am upset and I process by writing poetry. Poetry can be a social justice warrior if we let it. I wrote a poem called ‘I Can’t Breathe’ last night and submitted it to Illumination, one of the fastest growing publications on the Medium platform. Please give it a read. Please share it. Please speak out LOUD and call for change.

Please. This MUST stop.


I Can’t Breathe’

Black men can’t breathe here.
Their necks are pressed to pavement.

People watch this here, in this country
where racism boils under like a disease.

I was in high school
when Rodney King
was beaten
and televised
like a sick precursor —

This poem was originally published by Illumination. The link to the original post where you can read the poem in its entirety and clap to show your support for this cause is below:


It shouldn’t be a privilege
to breathe.

–‘I Can’t Breathe’

by Christina M. Ward
in honor and memory of George Floyd and every single unjustly murdered person of color

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