About the Author

Christina M. Ward

freelance writer & poetry editor

Christina M. Ward is a writer, blogger, poet, and  author. She is a poetry educator and editor. Christina’s first poetry collection became a best seller on Amazon and is receiving rave reviews. Titled “organic; Fiddleheads & Floss vol. 1”, this debut collection maintains a full 5-stars, tells a story from beginning to end, and is touching readers all over the world.

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new pic at the apartment (2)Christina in her office (living room) with her Carl Sandburg plaque, purchased on a visit to the poet’s historic home in 2019.

Christina earned her Bachelor of Science from Catawba College in Environmental Science, which greatly influences her work. She also studied creative writing and English at Catawba. Her poetry has been published in the Cameo literary magazine, the Arrowhead literary magazine, Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Frightened Traveler, and in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine. Christina was the recipient of the Creative Writing  Prose Award at Catawba College for a short piece entitled “Clarity.” She lives in rural North Carolina with her chorkie dog Josie and her ragdoll cat December, where she is working on her second novel.

  • Please refer to the “Services Offered” section for a list of  writing and editing services offered. You may also hire her HERE.

 Her first novel, “Elephant Song,” a work of literary suspense is currently being queryed for agent representation. With Ward’s award-winning poetic prose style, you can expect deep character development, underlying nature themes, lyrical style, and a gripping storyline.  Sign up here  for updates on its release.

Christina M. Ward works as a freelance editor and writer, working for international companies as well as private clients. She is a content writer for Medium.com and a Creator for the popular Newsbreak app. Her poetry editing services are in high demand. Christina is the founder of the popular POM group on Facebook and Medium, where she mentors and offers guidance to thousands of fellow poets.  She authors four (FREE) newsletters which you may follow here:

Fiddleheads & Floss updates & writing newsletter  (Personal updates, writing articles, news, featured content)
Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry newsletter   (poetry, poetry writing & educational resources, environmental & nature-based work)
POM newsletter    (POMpoet updates & news)
Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services Blog Newsletter    (Christina M Ward author updates, poet features, blogs and other featured content)

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3 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hello,

    I am having issues checking out your site. I cannot find any information pertaining to your book. I hope you can offer me some help. Sorry to bother you.

    Adriana Lucas
    lsarkard AT gmail.com


  2. My book is still in the works. Rough draft is getting the first edit and I am searching for a publisher and possibly an agent. Thank you for your interest. I will post it EVERYWHERE when it coumes out!


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