Poem Chosen for Feature in Vita Brevis Literary Magazine!

It’s not every day that a poem this close to my heart is chosen to be featured in a literary magazine. I almost NEVER write poetry about my children. How could I do justice to them by my meager words…no matter what I write, it could never do justice my love for them. But this poem I wrote when my son was 8 and it is very special to me. Today Vita Brevis Literary Magazine chose to feature it and I am honored.

For the record…my son is now in his 20s and is STILL obsessed with pizza, and is quite the connoisseur of sarcasm 😉


Hop on over and take a look!

2 responses to “Poem Chosen for Feature in Vita Brevis Literary Magazine!”

  1. It’s a sweet poem. Congratulations!


  2. Thank you . I truly appreciate that.


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