Outrage at Actresses Indicted in College Admissions Scandal

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Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin Indicted, With 44 Others in College Admissions Scheme

You have probably seen the news of two well-known actresses, Felicity Huffman (best known for her role in ABC’s dramedy Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (best known for her role in the ABC sitcom Full House) being indicted for their part in an elaborate college admissions scheme. Huffman and Loughlin took part in a scheme involving faked athletic participation and achievements, and faked test scores, along with other parents, who were willing and able to pay substantial amounts of money to get their kids into some of the most elite colleges in the country.

A California business man, operating under the guise of a non-profit, took money from parents to get their kids into the college of their choice, and then funneled that money to various athletic coaches and college exam SAT and ACT administrators. Coaches arranged fake profiles, took fake athletic pictures of students who were not even playing the sport, and exam administrators hired proctors to take exams for students…are you disgusted yet?

The two actresses have been the brunt of a Twitter-expolosion of jokes and memes since the news broke. Parents are outraged. We all should be.

Let me set a scenario for you, one probably you may find relatable. Picture a single mom, 2 young boys, waking up in the early morning hours with ice on the roads. This mom was me. I was in my early 30’s at the time, and school was closed for my boys that day- on the day I had to take my college state final for Chemistry, likely the most difficult test I would have to take in my college education.

I fed my boys, bundled us all up, and my car door was frozen shut. Running late, driving on the icy roads, and bringing my two children with me I showed up at the classroom door, in tears. My professor was kind. Understanding. He set me up in the hallway at a desk we drug out the door, in front of the other staring students, and I took that terribly difficult test while my kids played Legos on the floor next to me.

I did not have the
“PRIVILEGE” of having a proctor. Nor the money to pretend I was present. I showed up. I rested on the laurels that the few midnight hours of study I’d managed would be enough…

SHAME on these scheming people for manipulating our college system and allowing money to take the place of their moral compass. Students all over this country are working, studying, showing up in tears for exams they’ve lost sleep over. It is a terrible thing to teach our young people – that money can get you whatever you want.

I chose to teach my boys a different lesson – that hard work, dedication, and being fearless will get you a well-earned B on the hardest exam. It will get you self-respect.

Christina Ward, Staff writer at O.N.E newspaper
@fnfwriter on Twitter
Fiddleheads &Floss

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