The Poet Cleaning ~ (a poem about being a poet/writer)

2 Boats on Seashore Beside Brown Tree

Ripped from the belly of the sea
pregnant with vowels
our tails slap hard
pendulous swings,
our eyes are benign, panicked moons,
sitting inside our heads.

They must be plucked out.

We climb outside ourselves,
hold the knife steady,
scrape against the grain,
shedding our silvers
until we are clean,
carve a canoe-slice across our necks
another, neck to belly,
our insides slide free.


It is a great honor to be a writer. Pouring yourself out like we do is both burdensome and liberating. This poem is about the process of self-examination, opening up our authenticity, and putting our inner-most thoughts on display, even if that process can be uncomfortable or revealing.

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Please leave your thoughts, interpretations, and responses to The Poet Cleaning in the comment box below.

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7 thoughts on “The Poet Cleaning ~ (a poem about being a poet/writer)

  1. The Mother Holy Crap of all Holy Craps! I’m trying hard to figure out what you are saying and I am failing miserably. It’s like you are using self-mutilation to get your poetry from inside you onto the paper. Is it that painful for you? Perhajps I am just to naive to understand your nuances. Nkn-cancerous breast tumors?? I give up, lol.


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  2. HAHAHA love your response. Have you ever seen someone clean a fish? The imagery came from that, but it is 100% symbolic. EVERY image in this poem is symbolic Comparing the struggle and responsibility to release our INSIDES (our thoughts, our dreams, our fears, our POETRY) to the world. Even the ugly parts. There is a BRUTAL honesty that we, as poets, must share. Shedding our “silvers,” our “scales”…our SKIN and opening ourselves up for all the world to see. While it is a gift to be able to or called to do with our poetry (and most poets would agree—that we have no choice but to write!), it also makes the poet very, very vulnerable. Fibroadenomas…things you don’t ask for that grow there without your permission. Blockages to keep your eyes from seeing? However you want to interpret that ( I didn’t ask the poem why IT wanted to be that way lol.) All kinds of ways to interpret the symbolism but that is the gist of where I was coming from. Almost all of my poetry has many layers and lots of nature symbolism. Let me know if a re-read with this info in mind changes the way you see it. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. This one is one of my favorites. ~Christina

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  3. Oh my goodness! I was so confused when I first read this, but then i read the comments, I understood! It is so beautiful and symbolic!

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  4. I absolutely loved reading through this, as well as a few other of your posts! You’ve gained a follower in me 😀 I can’t wait to read more, you have a real gift x

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