WIPocalypse?? Oh, yes.

So I ran across this superb word on another blog and had to borrow it just for a moment. While I take no credit for this word, I do fully admit to being a victim of the WIPocalypse.

For my non-stitchy friends a WIP is a work-in-progress. It is a cross stitching project (although I am sure the term applies to other forms of needlepoint or crafty projects) that I usually keep in a gallon-sized baggie in a decorative box beside my stitchy chair (this refers to the niche a stitcher sets up as the stitching area, usually completed by the combination of a favorite and comfortable chair, a damn good lamp AND outside lighting, sometimes magnifying apparatus, a pillow, a place to set a chart for working, and for the lucky ones a floor stand on which to mount stitching projects. A stitcher lives in this chair and can be found there at any hour of the day or night pouring over charts or stitching or somethings ripping – this is called frogging and don’t expect us to be happy about a visit from the little green bastard.)

Now, back to the WIPs. My WIP box. The source of the WIPocalypse (yes, I’ve repeated the term several times now, I’m just loving it, please excuse…). I feel pretty certain that 1, sometimes 2 or 3, is the norm, as most stitchers have a personal project going, maybe a seasonal, and a gift piece or two. I have NINE. Excessive? YES. Could this mean I have trouble saying no? Bite off more than I can chew? Have lost my mind? Perhaps yes, yes, and yes. I think it just means I am bursting with creative energy and good intentions. So while I am drowning in my WIPs at least I am not lacking in short, and a few long-term, goals. So, as I’d like to incorporate my stitching adventures into my blog (hence the recent blog name change) I’d like to outline briefly, well I will TRY to be brief, the current projects that I have going.

I think I will do this in order of size:

1. Stained-Glass Window. This was a free chart from http://www.tinymodernist.com I am doing this project as a RAK (that is Random Act of Kindness, as I learned from another stitchy friend this morning…should I not have already known this from Oprah?)

Earlier this year I signed up on Facebook to do a pay-It-forward project for 2014. People signed up for mine, I signed up for theirs, and sometime this year I have to do something nice for the 5 people on my list. This project I am doing in all purples, includes a snazzy metallic purple, and is for the first lovely lady on my list. I took the time to gather some info about her so I’d know what she might like…and now that I am stitching it, I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!! I love the patterns, the lines and shapes and symmetry. I love it so much I might do one in the favorite colors of the other ladies on my list. So while this is ONE project at the moment, I am already searching for colors and metallics to do one in greens and one in earth tones.

2. Anna’s Gift. I had to name this one as it is a gift for my new niece Anna Elizabeth! It is a combination of 2 free charts called “It’s Good to be Green” and one simply called “Web Thank you Card”. SO, it’s a whimsical scene with a frog and a turtle and will have a birth announcement stitched across the top. I am getting my mother to contribute her handwriting in a few samples for me so I can design the lettering after her handwriting!! My mother has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen and it is cherished amongst her children. I have 2 weeks to finish this one as I am going home for a week at the end of March and want to take it with me as a gift. The colors are perfect and will match Anna’s room decor. This is my FIRST birth announcement! WHAT?? Yes, I have never done one. I didn’t mean to miss the other babies born into our family, I only wasn’t in a time and place in my life to do it before. Now I am. Bring on the babies!

3. Joan Elliott SAL on Facebook. For my non-stitchy friends, if you haven’t closed out the page in absolute boredom by now, this means Stitch Along. I signed up for this on FB after seeing the most adorable dragon and unicorn! I just HAD to jump in, with both feet, even though I am drowning in stitching projects! Joan Elliott is following the event and leaves comments from time to time. She got a good laugh at my photo update yesterday (which was photo-bombed by my dog!). It’s wonderful to participate as this is my first Joan Elliott and I enjoy that the designer is a part of the event. And who doesn’t love adorable little dragons and unicorns!? Ok, I know not everyone, but these will be perfect for Abby’s room. I just adore them.

4. I almost forgot to include this one because it is not bagged for starting yet but I include it because Abby and I both have committed to doing it and I have the charts. http://www.canadastitches.com It is for CHARITY!! My first charity stitch. Each owl square we stitch and send will be stitched into blankets for very ill children and infants in Canadian hospitals. I’d like to do something like this in the US as well. Very excited to use my hobby to bless others, and to use it as a teaching tool for Abby to learn about charitable acts. Plus, the owls we are stitching are ADORABLE.

5. Owlet Witch of Emerald Forest by Lena Lawson Needlearts. I saw this on Ebay. I nearly died. HAD to have it. I am stitching this one for myself and can’t wait to start. It’s bagged, colors ready, beautiful piece of linen waiting…for me to finish the current SAL so I can start on it!!

6. Birds of the Marsh Great Egret, from For The Love Of Cross Stitch, Jan 1999. I just fell in love with this pattern and I’m stitching it for my best friend Kitty, who has lovely coastal themes in her living room. The colors and fabric I have selected will be beautiful!! Just need to get started on this one as well…

7. Elsie and Charlie, made by Pic2Pat. This will be a BAP. Meaning, Big Ass Project 🙂 It’s time I made something for my sister. I want to make sure that I make something for al the members of my family and I have been putting off my sisters project for years. It’s one of those things you want to give your ALL to and do with the honor it deserves. My sister. My only sister whom I love dearly and of whom I could not be more proud. After months of searching for the right thing to stitch and coming up blank, I decided to stitch a beautiful portrait of her children, my niece Elsie, and my nephew Charlie. This is my first Pic2Pat undertaking and it’s about a 9 page pdf. Fabric -check, all 75 colors of floss – check, printed the chart-check and I am ready to roll on this one – after months of planning!!

8. Flight of Freedom, Dimensions Gold Collection. My FIRST Gold Collection. I’ll be doing this one for Robbie and his future man-cave. It was a gift from my mother for Christmas and I started on it right away. Learning to stitch by grid and to utilize the parking method as well. THIS HAS CHANGED my stitching forever. I’m almost half-way through with it. It’s definately a BAP at around 17,000 stitches!

9. This brings me to my biggest undertaking EVER. Please see my previous blog post for full details. I will be taking part in a Guinness World Book record-breaking event stitching George Washington Crossing the Delaware….not kidding. I’m joining a group of US stitchers and have committed to one panel of the project which we hope will break the world record and possibly take a place of honor in a museum!!!! It’s a 5 year project and my panel will come with a hefty 110 page chart. Yes. You read that correctly. Have I lost my mind? Yes, yes I have. I want to at least make history in the process!!! I will probably set a schedule and plan my work on this to stay on track and will blog further about it soon. I will be looking for support in gathering materials etc.

So … I’ll post pictures as I go along on these and come here to vent occasionally. I’m sure. But for the most part, as overwhelmed as I am feeling, I am doing what I love to do. Every day. I am chasing my creativity around like a quick little butterfly on the spring breeze and hoping to have enough flowers to catch my rest along the way. I am thinking of the people I love and how I can leave my legacy. I want to give, to share the things I love with others. I love my family. I love nature. I love my God and country. I express myself through written words and through crafting. I hope the world understands.

Now, I think I’ll get dinner started and get a little work done on one of my WIP’s. Have a blessed and creative weekend!!!

Author: Christina M. Ward

Poet, author of "organic"

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